Current topics:
cdc2/cyclin B activation; plasma membrane repair
Modeling of cdc2/cyclin B activation: simulations
Cyclin B localization and dynamics during meiotic maturation
Electrophysiology of wound healing
Plasma membrane wound healing (movies)

Past work:
A new model for nuclear envelope breakdown (publication)
Nuclear envelope breakdown (movie)
Selective destruction by multiphoton excitation
Association of Ran with chromosomes
Exocytosis in sea urchin eggs (movies)
Slow Axonal Transport (movie)
Actin filament translocations in sea urchin eggs (movie)
Calcium in cilia (movie with sound)
Video essay for Molecular Biology of the Cell: Imaging echinoderm fertilization
Sea urchin fertilization: simultaneous phase contrast and calcium

Endoplasmic Reticulum:
ER reorganization during Xenopus oocyte maturation (publication)
ER and Golgi during mitosis (figures and movies)
ER in mouse oocytes (pictures)
ER during maturation and fertilization using GFP-KDEL
--Starfish oocytes (movie)
--GFP-KDEL (info)
ER in purkinje neurons
ER in sea urchin eggs - labeling by DiI, and change at fertilization
Cortical ER in sea urchin eggs
ER in Fibroblasts:
Coupling of ER with retrograde cortical movements in fibroblasts (movie)
Labeling by DiOC6(3) (images)
Double labeling by DiOC6(3) and BiP (images)
Microtubules and the ER (images)


PDF Reprints

Phospholipase C gamma in fertilization (JCB full text)
GFP labeling of the Golgi apparatus (movies)