Sid Tamm
Boston University

The work for our paper was done the summer at the MBL, and it was written up in the winter, when S. Tamm was at the MBL and M. Terasaki was at the NIH. The following are taken from the many faxes that went back and forth between MA and MD. The meanings of some of these drawings would be too complicated to explain (and some explanations may not be appropriate for the world wide web) but they are nevertheless entertaining to look at.

drawing 1: when M. Terasaki finally figured out how to work the imaging processing program and sent a pile of graphs with good data.

drawing 2: several days data when the MA end became inundated with faxes

drawing 3: a rendition of a beroe (a predatory ctenophore) chasing after food

drawing 4: not easily explained

drawing 5: also not easily explained