injection sequence

L variegatus egg injected november 30, 2000
eggs were in good shape, the injections went very smoothly, better than usual

Comments on this sequence:

I positioned the needle vertically before I started taping. Usually, I touch the needle to surface and adjust the vertical position before starting to push the needle in.

After the needle has pushed in the surface part way, I paused for a few seconds. This was to make sure that the needle was centered in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Notice the "ripping" appearance on the top edge of the needle when the needle appears to penetrate the egg. I see this almost invariably.

After the needle went into the egg, I moved the stage backwards a little, so that the tip of needle was closer to the center of the egg.

I was injecting a concentrated 10 mg/ml solution of fluorescent dextran. This seemed to make an enclosed vesicle for a few seconds just after the injection. This is not normal.

Usually, the injected solution will appear to spread right away from the injection site.

The appearance of the egg after the needle was pulled out is very typical.