Directions to Terasaki Lab

To UConn by car:

Take 84 west from Hartford (or drive east on 84 towards Hartford)

Go past Exit 39a, then...

Get off at Exit 39, and drive along the long exit road.

Turn right at signal onto Route 4

Take the left branch at the next signal, go through one more signal

Turn right at signs for Health Center (about 1 mile from route 4 turn off)

Turn left on circular road around Health Center

Drive straight into the Main Entrance


Tell guard at booth that you are visiting Dr. Terasaki, if that doesn't work Dr. Jaffe.


Walk into main hospital entrance


Walk straight back to the windows of the courtyard


Take left, walk along windows, go through double doors


Turn left, take elevator up to 5th floor.


Walk straight ahead, turn left at corridor


Mark Terasaki lab is on the left, before the end of the hall, room 5005