Neurobiology 02 course items from the Imaging Section


Various faculty
Wen Biao

The QX3 Intel Play Microscope (a Jeff and Jim project)
Jim and Jeff
steve smith, wolf ahlmers, winfried denk
steve, wolf
jim, steve
Rachel Wong
Thomas Misgeld
Rudi Rottenfusser
Hailan Hu
Rindy Jaffe
Winfried has his own

final form?

The Ziv-Smith Intel Work Microscope (a Steve and Mark project)
various travails - blown capacitor, bad pmt low mag, bad pmt high mag
success! note the image of the stage micrometer

Various other microscopes in course
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August 6 Roger Tsien visits the NB course
Roger Tsien
humorous moment

At the sundial for the class picture
various shots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The Sipix Camera
This camera has no zoom, no flash, bad color, slow shutter, bad light sensitivity
But it can take 200 640x480 pictures, runs on a AAA battery, and is about 2"x 2" x 0.5"
Images are downloaded by USB cable
This camera was used to take most of the pictures here

The movie "Z"

Room 2 Productions (that is, Jim, Mark and Tom) have made several movies over the past few years("The Principle" (1998), "The Worm" (1999)). "Z" was made under great secrecy and was first shown at the course party. It was all Tom's idea, with Jim and Mark acting as producers and editors. Tom's original idea was to interview students and splice in fake questions. His idea for the ultrascope came later, as well as the idea for Z. It was going to be a banana, but zucchini is all that he could find at the Food Buoy. The title "Z", which Tom chose, refers to zucchini and cam kinase Z. I think.

A major technical innovation this year was the use of two camcorders (Sony DCR-PC5) to record conversations. JoAnn Buchanan helped by filming some of the camcorder scenes. The clay animations were done as before, by setting up a digital camera on a tripod, taking stills and moving the clay pieces around. Tom and Jim making the clay animation An Epson 3100Z digital camera was used to take the time lapse sequence of the ultrascope during wrap up (this seems to be the only digital camera currently available that can do time lapse), The sipix camera (see above) was used to take stills of students and faculty. Jim edited intro and ending credits using iMovie, and Mark edited the filmed sequences using Final Cut Pro 3 (all Mac). Music was added at the end. Tom asked Mark to supply a Scott Joplin tune but he was tired of such. So Tom asked John Chludzinski for some CD's and found the James Taylor song. Jorge Moreira performed a Bach Cello Suite (#1?) at Cricket Lane.

Amazingly, the movie was finished on Wednesday, 2 days ahead of time! There were some last minute ideas for major changes, but Mark and Jim resisted these. After the premiere showing, a few small changes were made to clean up imperfections and the movie was burned onto DVD's.

Course party
curry for susan's dish