Oct 2002: Back at UConn

May 2002: M. Terasaki moves to Woods Hole

Spring: time lapse of the back yard april 9 to may 19

A trip to EMBL and Villefranche sur mer, April 2002

June 10, 2001: M. Terasaki goes to MBL, Woods Hole for the summer. This web page (and site) won't be updated until October 2001!

M. Terasaki visits Augusta, GA and shoots a 58!
Just published (April issue, Molecular Biology of the Cell): ER organization during meiotic maturation of Xenopus oocytes

World Premiere: Thursday, April 12, 5th floor vascular biology conference room, 12 noon
A Room 2 / Floor 5 Production, starring Linda Runft, Becky Kalinowski, Lupe Garcia. Read all about it. Or: see the movie!

Cover of the March issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell

Larger version of this picture

Published in Molecular Biology of the Cell: A New Model for Nuclear Envelope Breakdown