University of Connecticut 5th Floor

Confocal microscopes - spring 2002

Zeiss 410 (CBIT = Center for Biomedical Imaging Technology)

Zeiss 510 (CBIT)

Zeiss 510 Multiphoton (CBIT)

Olympus Multiphoton (heavily modified by Paul Campagnola, Andrew Millard)

Noran (Les Loew lab)

Biorad 600 (old grand dad) (Mark Terasaki)

Non-scanning spot confocal microscope (Joseph Kerimo, now belongs to Heather Clark)

just coming online

Home made Multiphoton (Paul Campagnola & his kids)

not really functional

BioRad 600 (bought used) (M. Terasaki)

BioRad 500 (underneath bench, previously used for multiphoton by Paul C)